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Afro Sense LOC/LCO Combo 2

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The LOC/ LCO Combo 2 is for your maximum moisture routine. This Combo contains the Afro Sense Leave-in Conditioner as your moisture base.


The LOC and LCO method is a guide on how to apply products that would offer your hair the best moisture, it’s an abbreviation for Liquid, Oil and Cream or Liquid, Cream and Oil depending on how you choose to layer your products.

To obtain maximum moisture, you would apply the products as follows:


Liquid: Afro Sense Leave-in Conditioner: A liquid can be water or a Leave-in conditioner. Water is the essential moisturiser for your hair, because it also evaporates, it has to be sealed in.

Oil: Afro Sense Treat & Grow Oil: Oils are a great sealant, using a carrier oil which also contains essential oils will seal the hair and lock in the moisture

Cream: Afro Sense Whipped Shea Butter: Creams can be curling creams, twisting or moisturising creams or Shea Butter.

LCO: Liquid, Cream and Oil

There is no right or wrong way of applying the above 2 methods, it depends on your preference and what method your hair responds to best.